Lisp Programming with Cusp

Sergey Kolos

Ver 0.9.375

Cusp is an IDE for programming in lisp (Common Lisp flavor). It comes prepackaged with SBCL and a set of tested libraries. Its package contains everything for it to work and Cusp doesn't have any external dependencies (other than Eclipse). Cusp contains all the basic features you expect from modern IDE and some more: code formatting and coloring, folding, outline, auto-completion proposals, hover quick-help, argument tips, jump to definition, project wizard, integrated testing, library management, code context sensitive help, debugger.

In this tutorial I show what it takes to write Lisp programs in Cusp. The tutorial probably is too basic for many users, but it still worth looking through since it provides overview of all important features that Cusp has.

Table of Contents

What's Next

There are several excellent books and other resources for CL available online: